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Boudoir FAQ


How much does a Boudoir Session cost?

The session fee is $500 which includes glamour hair and makeup by one of my fabulous beauty partners, 90 minutes of Studio Time and your private Reveal Session. You have the option to choose your Collection at your initial consultation or purchase at your reveal session. Collections start at $1200 and my clients typically invest $1,500-$3,000 in their Boudoir Experience.

Do you offer Payment Plans?

I offer Pre-Payment Plans which allow you to choose a Collection at the time of booking and make monthly or weekly payments toward your total balance between booking and your session date. You will always have the option to upgrade your purchase at your Reveal Session. Pre-paying for your Collection also qualifies you for an exclusive gift or three! More about Pre-Payment plans HERE!

PayPal credit is a great option if you would rather wait until your Reveal Session to choose your collection. Payment is due in full the day of your session. We do not offer Post-Session payment plans.

I’m kind of awkward in front of the camera, will you help me pose?

I will absolutely guide you every step of the way. I have lots of great tips and tricks that will accentuate your favorite features and diminish your less favorite ones. I’ll also demonstrate poses for you and we can laugh together about how crazy I look doing them with all my camera gear strapped to me and possibly lose balance and fall over! Guaranteed you will leave feeling amazing!

I don’t own any lingerie, do I need it for the session?

Absolutely not, but if you want to purchase new lingerie pieces for your session, I have a few favorite places to shop and will be more than happy to help you find the perfect items for your body type! If lingerie isn’t your thing, no worries! A fuzzy sweater, sports bra and undies, button down shirt, white sheet or a fine art nude set are all great options too!


Where/when will my session take place?

At my Rixeyville, Virginia home studio. Sessions are scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays starting hair & make-up at 10am and usually wrap up by 2pm. Milk Bath sessions take place at Rixey Manor, Rixeyville.

Will my photos be posted to social media or your website?

No, your photos are kept private and will not be shared in any way unless you choose to sign a model release. If you sign a model release, you can choose to allow them to be shared in my private ladies only facebook group, printed promotional material only or a full release.

Do you offer Boudoir Mini Sessions?

I do not currently offer mini sessions at this time.

How long does it take to receive my products?

Maximum turnaround time to receive your luxury products is one month depending on the time of year and which products you purchase. 

Do I have to use your hair and make-up artist?

Make-up, yes, not all make-up artists know how to apply make-up specifically for photographs. Our beauty partners are skilled professionals and will customize your glamour hair and make-up look to exactly how you want it. If you’d prefer to style your own hair, you are welcome to, but it does not change the session fee.


Who will be at my session? Do you use an assistant?

The only one who will be there during your studio time is me. I do not use an assistant during the session. 

Can I bring a friend to my session?

You are welcome to bring a friend, but they will not be allowed in the boudoir room. Also, keep in mind that you may be even more self conscious in front of a friend than you are with me. I do not allow any male escorts so if you bring a friend, they must be female.

How many outfits/set changes can I do during my session?

Generally 3 outfits/sets work well during a 90 minute session. If you want to do more, you are welcome to, but keep in mind that changing time is included in the 90 minutes and it will take away time from taking photos.

What do I need to bring to my session?

I always recommend you bring at least 5 options for us to choose from for your 3 sets. Also, SHOES! You will be photographed from head to toe so make sure to bring a killer pair of shoes to set off your outfits.


What should I do to prep for my session?

  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER DAYS BEFORE!!! Drinking water helps reduce bloat and hydrates the skin for a gorgeous glow. Also avoiding salty foods and alcohol causes bloat.

  • Please DO NOT spray tan, it looks terrible in photos. I promise pale is beautiful too!

  • A mani/pedi is never a bad idea.

  • Wax any areas you wish to remove body hair, but do so at least 3-4 days beforehand so that there is no visible irritation. I will not remove visible body hair with editing.

  • Stay out of the sun or use sunscreen (or tan naked) because I will not remove tan-lines with editing.

  • Wear loose fitting clothing without undergarments the morning of your session, honestly you can show up for hair & make-up in pajamas if you want to! Tighter clothes will cause skin lines.

  • Arrive at your session freshly showered with clean dry hair.

How heavily will you edit my photos?

All the photos you see at your Reveal Session will be unedited, straight out of camera photos. I want you to see how drop dead gorgeous you look without any help from Photoshop! Once you have chosen your photos for your collection, I will edit them in my artistic style, smooth skin and remove blemishes. You will proof your edits before I order your products.


Will you edit out my double chin or tummy skin?

So the answer is no, BUT I won’t have to because I will pose and photograph you in a way that is most flattering to you. If there is a photo I take that you do not find flattering, you just say the word and that photo is gone forever!

How long will you keep my photos?

The images you decide to purchase will be backed up on multiple hard drives as well as cloud storage so if you ever want to purchase more products or replace a product if it gets lost or damaged you will be able to do so. The images not chosen will be  deleted.

How long will my Boudoir Experience last?

Count on spending approximately 4.5-5 hours at my studio. Don’t worry, I have snacks and beverages!

Do you have a client closet?

I do not. If you need help choosing or finding outfits for your session, I’m happy to recommend a few of my favorite online stores!

What products do you offer?

All of my products are archival, heirloom quality and will last for generations. I offer luxury leather albums, folio boxes, metal wall art and digital files.


Can I get digital files of my photos?

Absolutely! You have the option to purchase your photos as a digital collection add on to your luxury product.

How do I book my session?

If you are all set to book, click “Contact Me” below! We will schedule your consultation phone call and go from there.

If you have read through this page but still have some questions, feel free to reach out!

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